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About Us

Thanks so much for visiting our online store!

We are a family run, online based retail shop operating out of Burlington, Ontario, Canada.  As a busy family with 4 busy and amazing children we understand how important it is to have brands you trust at your fingertips on a daily basis. It is our goal to offer to you some of the most desirable and trusted brands in the parenting friendly, cloth diaper and baby wearing communities.

My dream of opening up our own baby boutique came up in the summer of 2013 shortly after our then youngest of two was about 5 months old.  I loved everything "baby"!  Beautiful memories were made bonding with my new baby and the new friends we had made together since his birth.  I knew then that I did not want to sit at a desk all day while my babies grew up around me.  While I was off on maternity leave with my third child, and the return date of going back to my office job looming, my ever supportive husband and I decided to go full steam ahead and make the changes that we knew would benefit our family.  Finally, after many months of discussions, research and planning we went "live" on April 13, 2015. I'm still a working mom, only now I'm a working-stay-at-home mom doing what I love! 

Lollypop Kids is a family affair!  My husband will do shipping runs and local deliveries, and our eldest, now 11, loves to help me select stock for the shop.  Our second eldest, and only son, now 4, loves to help sticker our packages being shipped to you.  Our middle daughter, 2.5 years, well, she loves to help "sort" my papers and I assume you can guess how that goes!  The newest and last addition to our family, now 8 months, is pretty content to be my little sidekick and product tester!

My personal love and experience of babywearing has grown and developed with each subsequent addition to our family.  With the two middle children, or "The Littles" (as I lovingly refer to them as) being only 17 months apart, babywearing was part of our daily routine.  It was the only way to be able to keep the baby close and content while being able to maintain a balance of care with an energetic young toddler.  My husband also loved babywearing our youngest and he even picked out his own buckle carrier, all black of course.  He has now upgraded to a custom Natural Mother Productions full buckle made with one of our shop exclusives!  I have completed Level 1 of the Babywearing Educator course with the Canadian Babywearing School and Level 2 will be completed early April.  I am excited and eager to learn and master more babywearing skills that I hope to share with you!

When it comes to cloth diapers and other items you will find with us, please note that we have personally tested and used many in our home and with our children.  We believe in offering only quality proven and trusted brands. We are also excited that in some instances to be the only retailer, or one of a very few, of some amazing brands new here to Canada! Stay tuned to our Facebook page and chatter group for updates on new products still to come!

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to visit us here and we hope that you'll stay and become part of the Lollypop Kids family.  We're only an email or Facebook message away!

Again, thanks for visiting our shop and we look forward to becoming your sweetest selection in Canada!

Warmest regards,

Jennifer, Rod and the 4 Lollypop Kids