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Babywearing 101

So you'd like to wear your baby?  Wonderful! 
You've come to the right place!

Babywearing Styles

Babywearing provides many benefits for both child and caregiver.  Babies held close tend to cry less which in turn allows for relaxed and confident parenting.  Babywearing can allow you to be "hands free" when interacting with other children while keeping baby close.  Babywearing also is convenient for those times when navigating a stroller would be too cumbersome!  Hiking with a baby on your back?  Perfect! 

Mothers, fathers, grandparents, caregivers and even young siblings (with direct supervision) can babywear!  Close, sweet snuggles with your little one will strengthen your bond and provide many happy memories.

We offer many different style options of baby carriers for you to choose from.  Carriers are not a "one size fits all" and will not work for every individual.  We suggest attending your local babywearing chapter and trying on a few styles to determine what you feel comfortable using.  If you have questions or are unsure what you feel would be best suited for you we are more than happy to navigate your options. 

These are the carrier styles we offer:

Soft Structure Carrier
Also known as a Buckle Carrier.  This style of carrier is often created from stiffer fabrics and has stitched reinforced support.  It features buckles and/or clips and size/support adjustment straps.  It will also provide shoulder straps (often padded) and waist belts.  This style of carrier makes for easy and quick "ups and downs" once you have it adjusted to your comfort spot.  Soft Structure Carriers are not recommended for babies under 4 months of age unless specifically approved for use on younger infants directly in the manufacturers instructions.

Woven Wrap
This style of carrier is a long piece of woven fabric material.  They are offered in many different lengths and fabric blends.  Wrapping is wonderful for all ages and sizes of babies and toddlers however there can be a learning curve for certain carries.  Once you  have your favourite carry mastered though you're golden!  If you need help determining which size of wrap would fit your needs best please let us know!

Stretchy Wrap
Stretchy Wraps are perfect for newborns, especially premature babies!  These are long pieces of stretch fabric and are best used for babies up to 15lbs in a chest to chest carry.  Skin to skin babywearing with a stretchy wrap is beneficial to both momma and baby.

Ring Sling
Ring Slings are a shorter piece of woven fabric with one end threaded through a set of metal rings and worn over the shoulder to make a "seat" for the baby to be worn comfortably on your front or side of your chest. The threaded fabric style can be either gathered or pleated.  Ring Slings are great for younger and older babies and can have a learning curve for making a proper "seat" but again once you have it down, you'll have baby up and happy in moments.

Meh Dai
A Meh Dai is created using a rectangle piece of fabric for the body panel and 4 long, thinner sized straps of fabric stitched at each corner of the body panel.  These straps are then wrapped around the wearer's body and the baby (outside the panel) to create support and security.   A Meh Dai is a great option for those who want to wrap but don't want to deal with many passes of a long woven.

An Onbuhimo is a similar relation to a soft structure carrier, however, it is only for use with an older baby and can be worn on your back only.  There is no waist strap support, only padded shoulder straps and size adjusters.  This carrier may feature either loops and straps or buckles and clips. 

Woven Wrap Base Size Info - Lollypop Kids
Woven Wrap Size Information

Size 2 = 2.7 meters   >  This size is considered to be a "super shorty" length

Size 3 = 3.1 meters   >   This size is considered to be a "shorty" length

Size 4 = 3.6 meters   >   This size is considered to be an "extra small" length

Size 5 = 4.2 meters   >  This size is considered to be a "small" length

Size 6 = 4.6 meters   >  This size is considered to be an "average" length

Size 7 = 5.2 meters   >  This size is considered to be a "long" length

Size 8 = 5.6 meters   >  This size is considered to be an "extra long"length